happy happy 2012

i am not really a resolution girl but what i am going to live by this year is.
do what makes you HAPPIEST!
do more of what you love.

if it makes you happy why not do more of it?
more playing games with the kids. (more UNO MOO)
more ice skating in our driveway!
movie nights!
more scrapbooking.
expanding pLum! bigger and better.
more nights out with my girlfriends.
more date nights. (just me and my hubby)
more play dates.

we (as in I) tend to care sometimes what others think or what they would say. does it really matter if i am ok with the action and the result? by no means does this mean i want to hurt people along the way. but sometimes life takes us on a path that we did not expect. making new friends, losing a good friend, changing jobs, moving houses, cities or states. life happens. we have to make the best of what is thrown at us! it is not always fun or does it always make us happy! but we are the ones that need to make US HAPPY! other people do not have to change-we have to change!

(saw someone say on FB today) As we grow up, we realize its less important to have lots of friends
but more important to have real friends!

i love changing things in the house. lots more to do. but it is a start!
love the new kitchen preslee got from nana and papa for christmas! got it all painted and put in the play room today. thanks to grandpa who stopped by to say hello!

i love the king of queens. it is one of the those shows i could watch it over and over and over all day long. this and law and order SVU! pretty women still gives me goose bumps at then end
now matter how many times i watch it!
PJ had the flu. dillon had another ear infection. we have been at the clinic and ER more lately than we ever have! words with friends. what a crazy addiction! i am

getting published again! a mini album! i am oh so EXCITED!
now i just need to get it in the mail this week. (with a supply list! YIKES)
was outside today barefoot. spray painted in the yard. jan 10th 2012. no snow.
and the sun is out and shining!!
i heard tomorrow will be a change! not ready for that.

watching PARENTHOOD. listening to dillon sing the ABC's in the monitor. and drive his monster trucks! i went up stairs to get some water and heard him running saying " sorry mommy" " sorry mommy" "i will get in my bed myself". i normally would pretend i did not see him but when i heard him saying that i followed him to his room. told him he did not need to be so sorry but he did need to go to bed. then he asked me to lay with him. so i did. and here we are again 20 minutes later! he is growing up way to fast! i need all of those moments i can get!
he is always saying. what is that name? what does that do? and as adults we think we know the answers until we start getting asked the questions. they are getting harder and harder each day. today he asked me why there were lights out in the field. i told him they were the airport lights. he then of course asked why? so i went in to a long story about the lights... why they need them..how the airplanes use them and how long the runway is. he then responded with "they need lights to go on when it is dark mommy so they can see" i said 'yes" and he said "ok". so long story short i could have said the lights are on bc it is dark and he would have been satisfied!

what we have been up to?
Riley was here to stay for a couple of days while grandma and grandpa were in TEXAS at the NDSU national championship football game! this is the only time you will ever hear me say GO BISON! they won and they had a great time! we did too with Riley!
open gym @ the ECFE!
snowman making. i know i know not even as tall as preslee--but that is all we could get!
playing with friends!
art projects!
lots of good napping!
preslee getting some FACEBOOK and PINTEREST time in!
dress up!
time @ the pet store! it is oh so hard not to leave with a puppy!
happy new YEAR! dillon got to ring in the new year with us this year!



Hegg Family said...

Congrats on being published again you are so talented!!
That was adorable when pres was pushing dillon @ ECFE, shes getting so big!

The Badureks said...

Love reading all your entries and love you!! xoxo Of course I love the pics of the girls too. ;)


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