a peak @ the amazing photos my sister. mandy. took for us in march.
she is amazing and i am always so happy to see my photos. over 300 this time to look at. and i can not wait to get them on my wall!!!!! poor pres has rsv when we were there taking them but she did pretty well to say the least. thank you mandy you are amazing. as a photographer but more importantly a friend and sister. love you!
i love love love all 300 of them!

yes i am up watching the royal wedding.
and no i am not one of the crazy people who got up @ 4am (sorry to everyone who got up with an alarm to watch the wedding) but i love my sleep. but i am up now and got up just in time to see the countdown to the kiss is only 13 minutes away! wow. that made my day.
now news can go back to being real news!
do not get me wrong i do want to see kate and her dress and how she did her hair and did she or did she not wear a tiara...but i will not lose sleep over it. utube is where i will see it all. or the hundreds of reruns that will be all over tv. i have decided i might be a online shopping addict. as i was putting the kids clothes away the other day i thought to myself. yikes. once again i am out of hangers.....seriously i just bought three packs. yes the ups man comes often. maybe too often. but my excuse is i do not have anywhere to shop here in town (besides norby's which i love) so what else is a mom of two growing kids to do but online shop. i also love WINNING on ebay. you never feel like you actually have to pay for it... b.c you WON!

today we are celebrating jenn and mikes wedding! the reception is tonight here in town!
so excited to help them celebrate again!
the place will be packed with friends and family! i love these kinds of events.
my parents are coming too. excited to see everyone today.

yesterday we had the most perfect spring day in MN.
(there were people in shorts. may be a bit much)
the ice just came off the lake on tuesday the 26th of april and last year it was april 3rd.
park with so many friends in the morning for over 2 hours!
then we stopped to see gramma and grandpa.
home to nap and lunch. no nap for dillon so we played outside again for hours.
after pres had been sleeping for hours i woke her up.
dropped dillon off w. g&g and pres and i went to the urgent care.
ear infection and strep. all week she has been a bit off. but ok. she is such a happy baby that when she is sick she just is not SO HAPPY. but so good still. but after some chatting with friends about it i took her in and i am so glad i did! she will hopefully be better soon!
d got to have tractor rides. ride his bike and play in the dirt-he had so much fun! thanks g&g.

i have been super busy. which i love but.....
i have so many ideas in my head but have not got any of them made yet.
maybe this weekend i can sneak some time just for me and my room, fabric, scissors and my needle and thread!! maybe!?!?!? i sure hope so!

we are hoping to get the dock in and more sand moved in to our beach this weekend too.
lets hope the snow really does not come this way. seriously mother nature do not ruin what we just had a little taste of!


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Cherry Blossoms said...

Very sweet photos! Your sister did an amazing job. The kids are so precious.

I hope Pres is feeling better soon. Elle has a little bug herself. Some GI stuff. We took her in on Friday as all week her feedings were going way down and a lot of mucous and her Dr said she was the 7th baby she had seen that day alone with GI issues. But still happy as a clam. Where or where do they get all this energy?!

I'm also loving the new color combos for the headbands. I am slowly learning how to make some.I have a long ways to go though:)


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