i lOVE our crazy, random mixed up life!!!

it is already starting....

the times where dillon knows he is hurting pres and does not really care and hopes he can get away with it. if i see him do it he yells SORREEEE" and if i dont and hear her just cry he looks @ me like i have no idea whats wrong... yikes we have a ton of fun to look forward too! :)
parenting would be pretty boring if our kids were perfect though right?!?! the challenges makes it fun! maybe not @ the time but in the end it is all worth it!
i have been writing on this post for days and days.
i am a bit behind.

we had the best time in sunny AZ.
laying in the sun, the great golf cart, organ stop pizza, san tan flats, parties, great food, hiking x 2, margaritas, more margaritas, fashion square and a sun tan (partial burn)
thanks mom and dad for the great time.
their house is amazing. i never knew how much fun hiking would be. the views are so amazing. i can not even explain. loved loved loved it.
we kept so busy the whole time we were there. and saw my aunt and uncle too!


HUH is his favorite word right now.
i. have. got. to. stop. that.
after hearing all of the canadians we thought EH would be a good choice instead.
but when i tell him to say EH he looks @ me and says HUH?!?!
wafffles waffles waffles. as soon as he gets up he wants them. if i would give them to him every morning and noon and for dinner he would be the
happiest kid. it is a fight in the morning when he does not get them. today was a waffle day. 2 waffles, 2 sausages, and a banana and a glass of milk. he has the biggest appetite in the am. it is crazy.

is getting to big
8 months yesterday. craziness.
still not baby food for this girl. right on to the big girl food.
yesterday she had some scrambled eggs, of course mum mums and puffs, graham crackers and fish that daddy caught!!!
she also refuses to be on her tummy. she does not like it @ all. so crawling might not be in our future?!?!? but who knows!!? you never know what to expect.
i always just thought that preslee would do the things dillon did.
that is not the case @ all.
one thing i am so thankful for is that i have to

*********back to the present!! time to catch up.

30.i turned the big 3-0 when we were in mnpls a couple of weeks ago.
i kept telling drew i wanted to take the 3 kids out for a fun dinner he kept saying NO WAY... too much for him. but to my surprise he and my sister surprised me with a babysitter and a night out! so drew and i went out to dinner JUST US TWO. that never happens. so FUN!
yikes it is hard to write. i am not bothered by being 30 but saying it or writing it is a bit weird!!
but "better than the alternative" as my dad would say.
who knew?!?!?
that i am not the career women in a suit going up the elevator to my office full of windows.
who knew i would meet andrew and stay in ND/MN. not that i regret it.
i also did not think i would be writing notes and to do's in crayon all of the time.
that i would be a stay @ home mom.
that the shrine circus is not what i remember?!?!?
or that i would be living in DL. the place i love more than anything.
that i would still be watching a show 90210. i love all of those shows.
that i still would love law and order. dun. dun.
anyway i am not 30 and i can not wait to celebrate with my husband next week!!! <3

love the show PARENTHOOD. such a great show for everyone to watch. so real life. i so wish they lived in my town i would for sure want to be their friends!!!
we all have to remember our lives are not perfect. we deal with what comes @ us. and we make the best of it!!! they are so good @ that. oh BRAVERMANS please move to DL
and grey's... seriously. what was that all about. not sure what that was all about.

we have been outside as much as we can lately!
water boots are a MUST. so much fun. lately dillon insists on wearing them everywhere--which i am fine with but he wants me to wear mine too. everywhere.

the last picture is a dress that a family friend had made for pres b.f she was born. it is made out of her great aunts bridesmaid dress from drews parents wedding. did you follow that??!?!
she is finally ig enough to try it on. still a bit big but perfect for a picture or two?!?!?! (0r 143)

thanks BARB we love it!

today was perfect. i woke up and looked @ the clock. 8:44. you have got to be kidding me?!?! no one is awake. then a yummie breakfast that daddy made. the boys played outside. four wheeler rides and playing in the water and snow. oreos b.f lunch. which ended up being the lunch. ((mom of the year)) more playing outside. all of us to run some errands looking like the clampetts. no showers and super bad clothing choices... but we might have fit in!! :) pizza for supper and bedtime. we have not had a saturday @ home with nothing to do in weeks or months!! my kind of day!
tonight and we stayed in. we had a babysitter last night and went out with friends. we had so much fun! it is always fun if dancing and karaoke is involved! :)

so tonight i am sewing and relaxing.
off to work i go.



Tracie said...

Love fun sister and parents time! I know I am due again with my sis! Would love to surprise her with NYC! p.s. love your blog....and Etsy... just so stinking cute!!

the ritchie's said...

Fun pictures of AZ. Glad you had a great time and much deserved Mommy Time!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy 30th - belated, of course! I can't believe i am 30 either. Eeks. Life sure looks different than I envisioned it, but I am ok with that.

Love all the pics, you have the cutest kids!!

Oh and I would totally be friends w/ the Bravermans, too. I adore Adam. I want to marry him. Well, if he wasn't dating Lauren Grahmn and all. he's from MN!

Emily said...

she looks so adorable in that yellow gown! i love it.


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