holy craziness.....

it has been a crazy crazy month here.
this is going to be picture overload and writing and ramblings later....


dropped off the babies w.nana and papa (my parents) they survived 10 days! love you both!
and we headed to Henderson NV for a beautiful wedding.

drews sister and her now husband mike had a wonderful wedding on lake las vegas.
my beautiful sister in law is now a mother and we have another nephew. he has always been...but now it is technical. he even called me auntie! :)
then we headed to vegas. (not sharing those pictures...yikes)

then drew and i were off to MEXICO. by ourselves.

so amazing.
met some amazing new friends!
loved our resort.
we had a swim up room. could not have been better than that!
gained about 4.5 lbs.
amazing weather too!

off to relax!
hope you had a wonderful easter! <3

1 comment:

the ritchie's said...

The pictures you took at the wedding are just wonderful Meg. You do a great job. Jen has to love them. Great pics from Mexico too...looks like you had a blast. Exactly what you should have had with your hubs. Hope the kiddos enjoyed their Easter!


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