preslee jae is 2 months!
12lbs 1oz 21.5" long (19% percentile for height and 89% for weight) she is growing like crazy!!!
((wow this was dillon @ his two month))
she is sleeping like a dream.
she wakes up now once a night @ 4am. back to sleep.
my life is getting more and more sane each and everyday!
smiles constantly. loves to lay and watch dillon.
just so relaxed and perfect!!!

this is her @ 6 days old!

we have been in the yard playing this week alot! riley (the dog) is staying with us. g & g barker were in vegas. (did not make us all millionaires--shucks) if they did i could be blogging from our new beach house somehwere!!! :)
dillon just loves "ri ri" so much. lays on his. tries to ride him. chases him. makes him chase balls that he throws in the bushes or trees. he thinks that is the funniest thing! snuggles w.him in the house and always wants to feed him. i think that might be just so he can have a piece of dog food too! yum yum!

dillon and preslee are always together. dillon thinks she likes it when he "plays" with her. poor girl has been sat on, hit with a bat (not to hard) dillon tries and makes her kiss his owie on his foot, tickled and kissed too!
so glad he loves her. and she will come to love him too!!! :) the when she is a teenager that might change for the worst for awhile. every girl needs a cool older brother that she can be friends with. she got it!!!

a project we have been working on is the play room!
my dad built this shelving unit to match the play table he had built b.f.
i love love love it! i am now on the search for perfect baskets to fit. thinking orange and then adding orange to the wall where you see the black and white pictures.
oh how this has made the room so much better. what you dont see is all of the toys on the left. trying to figure out the best place for the kitchen, trikes, push carts, sit and spin and all of the other toys that are large.

dillon is in gymnastics this year. so tuesday mornings we head over to the MN flyers and play. so jumping and tumbling do not some super easy to a 19month old but we do have a good time. well most of the time.
yesterday we left early. d woke up @ 6am. gym @ 9am. by 9:30 he was a wreck. trying to wrangle him to listen and miss preslee we left. which was a good choice. came home and right to bed he went! oh well-next week will be better. we have a good time--lots of good friends in the class with us! so atleast we can do this together!

this weekend we went to the "pumpkin festival" in lake park. a perfect morning to get out and about. rode the train, saw some relatives of drew, craft show and a little flea market too.
it is amazing how many people who do not know us wanted to stop and talk to see and ask about the kids and the dog. so funny!

last week we met good friends b and h in fargo for the day.
we played @ dino land, ate lunch, shopped and walked!!! the boys are super cute together. so funny how the age difference in them gets less and less as they grow.
thanks b for the fun day! (see you tomorrow) YIPEEE. excited to have you guys come stay!
we got to go to mnpls to see my sister and her family last weekend. sat night we had a bonfire and played outside! sunday drew and rich went to the twins game. mandy and i and the 5 kids stayed home and played and hung out. thanks!
this past weekend we had a fun night here @ home with some friends. much needed. kids to bed. and cards and catch phrase were on the agenda! i have not laughed that much in a long time! thanks p's for coming! xoxoxoxo (it was so like the old days)

i hear d waking up.


The Badureks said...

Oh my gosh Preslee is getting so big. We def need to get together!

amber b said...

meg i just LOVE both the play table and shelving unit! your dad is so talented! you will have to tell him your friends are jealous :)

you guys have got to be the cutest family of 4 that I know!!!

when can we get together? im still super bummed labor day weekend didn't work out. we miss you guys!!!


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