eat, play, LOVE

a perfect afternoon (a couple of hours atleast)=
kids sleeping
me blogging
and eating oreos!
today =GREAT.
to make it even better my headache is gone!!!!!

the new jack is up---check it out HERE.
this is by far one of my favorite jacks we have ever done.
loved the layout and loved getting back in to my room--relaxing and finally getting something on paper! 3 pages were done! that is all i have done in months! oh i loved it! can not wait to get back in there to get all of the ideas out of my head and on paper!

our life. today, tomorrow and yesterday has been crazy, exciting and super tiring! but we are all getting through it.
drew has been super busy this week with work and having a booth @ big iron out in west fargo. we have not seen him much--we are exciting to have life back to normal today.
what has been going on.
we even went in to big iron to see him. wish we would have went earlier so dillon could have spent more time in the tractors. next year! i will have two climbing and pretending to drive!

my favorite fall shows have started----and i am so EXCITED! gossip girl, 90210, ANTM, greys (next week maybe?) and all of the others too.

other EXCITING news----my super cute sister in law Jenn is engaged to a wonderful guy mike! we have been waiting and waiting (patiently/kind of) for this to happen! well now it has happened and we are so EXCITED to see them soon and hear all of the plans as they unfold! we love you both and i can not wait to have two more wonderful people join the family. we love you jenn, mike and jack! they also bought a house a couple of miles from us. so we will get to see them more and more as they are moving in slowly as they get the upstairs all redone! it wont be long and dillon can ride his bike over to bug jack all day!!!!! (he did get a bike helmet--now we just need to get a bike and learn to ride)

we have been playing alot. open gym, library time, the pool, the parks and fall walks! and of course time @ home in the play room! and making a disaster of the living room each and everyday!

labor day weekend! my parents came to visit. that was fun to have them come stay. xoxoxo
sat my girlfriend megan and her daughter and me and the kids went to the flea market. us two should never shop together. but we do! we spent three hours--and we had so much fun! we both got some great much needed items that we could not live w.o
we looked crazy trying to leave @ the end with our purchases that we needed to carry out with my double stroller, her stroller and baskets and suitcases and other jUnk! but we had so much fun! memorial day next year---can not wait!
the next day i went back with my parents (for another 3 hours) and somehow found so many more things that were NEEDED! drew is super excited about what i have in the garage!
it will be put to use @ some point!

ordered these super cute pants and can not wait to get them in the mail.
if you have not seen MATILDA JANE--you must! they sell @ trunk shows (online in the off season) i can not wait for miss preslee to be a bit bigger so we can start her collection.

i have been working (trying to find time to work i should say) and making some new items @ pLum. it has been fun adding some new baby items.
many more to come... i found some new materials--but now i have to put them to use!

now i better put my time to better use and get working!

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the ritchie's said...

Meg. Just reading about your yummy Oreos is making me hungry. I was telling Sara about it and she has never tried an Oreo...we will have to take care of that right away!!
Love the picture with D and Breck...and he has two treats in his hand.
Hope you had a great time in Mpls.


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