long overdue.

i have a way to many pictures to post. way to many things to say.
i started this blog as more of a journal for myself. to keep track of our life---to look back and see what we were doing and what i was thinking/feeling and hopefully laugh as i look back. lately i have been more of a picture uploaded and that is it!
i need to get back to jotting all the other things down that i think.feel and do not want to forget!

so i will start doing that again just not today.

so today as i am being mother of the year and am holding pres as we watch
housewives of NJ reunion i type. i did not even watch this show but i now that them all on the tivo to watch when i get my much loved free time.
oh how this reunion is crazy. fighting, screaming and total chaos! who did what and who didn't do that! they are all a little nuts.

oh how i love miss pres and her dimples!

we went on a walk the other day and on our way home we stopped @ the gas station. put air in our tires and got some push ups! thought this was maybe a good selection b.c d would not get too dirty. boy was i wrong. he was nothing but a disaster when we got home. but he thought it was yummie and that is all that really matters. (in case you were wondering the shirt came clean in the wash)

photobooth on mac has been fun! kind of scares dillon sometimes but we have a laugh!

i am so super lucky to have such a great family. i take it for granted. i admit it. and i know i should not. they are amazing people and i love them.
drew and i both have great parents. who would do anything for us and for our kids. not everyone has that! thank you for being so wonderful to us and loving our children so much!
we love you all!
and how many kids get the two best aunts-ana and jj. xoxoxoxoox
(random thoughts i know)

we had a girls day and night @ the lake this past week. my mom/aunt (sisters) and us girls all went to the cabin with the kids! we had so much fun. but we laughed b.cwe did not get to much time to chat with all of the kids running in each and every direction! so glad we made time to get together and do this! can not wait for next year already! maybe if there are no infants/toddlers we can handle another night!!! :) maybe? i barely took pictures when everyone was there! since there was so much going on. but more to come when we all share pics!

the water @ the cabin is up about 2 feet. so the beautiful sand beach is something of the past. hoping the water goes down so next year the sand is back. so there were no sandcastles this time but praying we will see it again soon.

dillon and pres and their cousins! xoxoxoxo

((dillon ifor your future reference. yes that is you in the group shot down by the water going down the slide--and yes we are watching you))

these are so funny to me. a tradition growing up @ the cabin was that each and every year we would line up on the dock youngest to oldest and take the PICTURE! so mandy and i thought that we should start it again with our kids. well below is how that went. not long after this we all packed up and had some much needed naps! well atleast the kids got them.
a tradition is a tradition and wether or not it is fun or easy it is a good memory
and must be done!
wish we could have the other grandkids there to make this complete.

the next day i left with my girlfriends on a overnight on leech lake to mo's family's cabin.
we had a such a good time together. so many laughs, memories and great pictures to prove it!

this is megan and i. and not long after megan thought i needed to go under. and she did not stop until that happened! you are too funny and thanks for the dunk! i for sure needed that!
thanks girls for this great much needed girls getaway!
i love you all.

drew had his first night @ home with both kids! he had a great time. and it went perfectly but he was ready for a nap when i got home. he the kids and all of the other husbands and kids whose moms were gone with us got together for supper. they said it was a bit chaotic but had fun!

labor day weekend is already here.
our beach.resort town is about to go back to normal.
it is the best and worst thing about living here. i love driving down by the detroit beach and seeing all of the people but oh how we love it here when it is less crowed every night @ Zorbaz and anywhere else we go.
last weekend of the much loved flea market too. i might have to go all three days to make sure i do not miss anything! i will miss going there this fall.

this morning some of my girlfriends and i took all the kids to the holiday inn for some swimming.
the kids always give us a run for our money and dillon for sure comes home super tired and ready for a nap. i even got a little one in!

have a great weekend all!

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