this belly laugh

there is nothing better than this belly laugh.
i could listen to this all day long! and usually do.

he is also fiercely independent.
i find him most of the time in his room playing with his tool box of toys
that papa made him.
if not there--he is in the bathroom unrolling paper or looking
in the tub and trying to get his toys!
just a quick update b/f christmas. can not believe it is already
here! all gifts are wrapped and under the tree.
excited to have our first christmas with dillon! presents are way more
fun when you have children around to open them! or atleast eat the paper!
we are heading to Gardner Christmas Eve morning and then to my parents farm
Christmas morning. so excited to see all of our family!!!


BetsE said...

He is so cute...Hope to see him again soon...and you too, of course! :) Let's plan a playdate for after the 1st!

Unknown said...

I have a great GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by if you'd like to win!


amber b said...

meg i LOVE that page! adorable!
cant wait to see you next week!


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