i would have to say this wold be one of my favorite pictures of dillon and drew. it was captured by mandy during our recent photo shoot. it captures the bond and the all time greatest smile too!!!

my to do list
gets longer and longer each day....
the list is all pretty unimportant but all in all it is my list.
laundry. still in piles on the floor. big job.
searching for a rug for the play room. partly check. deciding on a size now is the problem.
finding something to wear for the new years eve party. have nothing! drew would not agree
organzing dillons clothes that he has outgrown.
organizing all of our closets in the basement. need a week home by myself i think....
cleaning my scraproom. it is a disaster. i need a makeover in there is what i need!!
upload pictures.
put all recent pictures on my external HD.
get some scrapping done! have tons of fun new stuff that i can not wait to use!
maybe i should start packing as i clean for our girls scrap weekend coming up too!
yikes... i better get to work.
or lay on the couch and watch the bad new REAL WORLD.
i am such a sucker for these stupid shows.


Kelli said...

I am a sucker for Real World too and Matt hates it!!! I have had the last two weeks off of work and feel too that I have accomplished nothing. Had a lot of high hopes, but just playing with Mariah or taking her to the park is way more fun :)

Kelli said...

Oh yeah and loved your Christmas card.

the ritchie's said...

very cool layout Meg. Enjoy your time with Dillon...the rest can wait :) It will eventually get done!

Billie said...

Have a happy and safe New Year! Love, Billie XXXO

TLF said...

Oh, I love The Real World.. Even tough it's horrible! HA!
The picture is A.Dorable!
Happy New Year!


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