everything happens too fast...

over night dillon has turned in to a little boy. a little boy with an adventure in his blood, silliness, stubbornness, playfulness and most of all mischievous. he is into everything...everything but his million toys. the remote, the kleenex, the toilet paper roll, the tic tacs, all of the magazines in the rack, the metal B and anything else he can get his little hands on are by far his favorites.

besides mischief bath time is his favorite thing. he could sit in there and
splash splash splash all night long.

i have been getting some scrapbooking done....and i have started some new projects too. ordered some new supplies so hopefully i will get some work done soon. i always get ideas, get the stuff and then never get the projects done. but this time with all of the random stuff i have ordered i have to get this project done. with this friday being my last day @ work i will have some more time to get some fun things done! well that is what i think.....but i think staying @ home will be more work than actually working out of the home. but there is nothing i want more right now than to spend time with dillon while i can.......who knows how long it will last. and all i know is that is growing up way too fast!

i love this picture of D playing with his toys so quietly by the window. he has become so independent. tonight as i was in the kitchen cleaning up from supper i was chatting with him and he crawled away. when i was done i walked back by the bedrooms to find him. all of the lights were off but in his bedroom but he was not in there and when i turned on the light in our room there he was snuggled up with a sweatshirt of mine on the floor. when i turned on the light he sat up and smiled. in the dark snuggling with a sweatshirt........i cant get enough!


Anonymous said...

Your baby is sooo cute!

Billie said...

I love this post.


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