back @ it!

i can not believe i am back @ work. the time went by way too fast.

Dillon turned 12 weeks old yesterday, went to first day of daycare and had three blowouts and had swimming lessons----what a day for such a little guy.

this is all of us @ daycare. he found a fan and was thoroughly excited to watch that all morning!Dillon and I both have colds. i had it first gave it to drew. drew got better. then dillon got it and now i have it again. what!??!?!

not too much to report from here today. getting lots of work done from my kitchen counter! testing, reading and training! yuck---not so fun. overwhelmed is the best word to describe me.


amberita said...

it must be some 'secret' rule babies have that they have to have at least one explosion their first day of daycare! mason did the same thing :)

Maureen said...

Happy NSD!!!!!!!!!! I saved your Etsy to my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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