i have a zillion things to say and post...

but i wont! i would be on here all day!
we have had the best 2 weeks of our lives!!! Dillon is already 2 weeks old! i can hardly believe it. and i know i will say this every week but i wish he could stay this size forever!
we have had tons of company! thanks to everyone who has come over to visit or called! and a special thanks to our families! we could not ask for two better families to be here and love this little guy more than we could ever imagine!
my sister was here this weekend and yesterday did a photo shoot and i can not tell you how excited i am to see the pictures!!! i took a peek @ some and they are so beautiful! a couple of these pics are from yesterday and are my pathetic attempt. we had so much fun bending and forming him for hours!!! good thing he wont remember it. she brought her youngest Chase with her too! he is getting so big and we are so excited to watch these boys grow up together!!! they are going to get in a lot of trouble for sure! so it was so fun to see the boys together! it is amazing to see the size difference and i am amazed that dillon will be that big in 10 weeks!
my mom was also here for a long weekend! thanks for letting me sleep in, cooking, watching dillon and just being here! She watched Dillon and drew and i went and watched the Polar Plunge! could not defend my title this year! but can not wait till dillon can be my partner! i already have some ideas to win that trophy back! we also went to watch the fireworks on Detroit Lake and the bonspiel.
Drews parents were also here---they have a cabin across the lake! they watched dillon friday night! it was our first couple of hours out. i cried but it was a good 3 hours out and he slept the whole time! and they loved the time with D.
my dad also came for a couple of hours on sunday! so we had tons of company and we loved it!!!!
i am in love with this picture......dillon woke up friday morning and i brought him to bed after he ate....he was a bit awake but i thought we should maybe cuddle---so no he does not sleep with us! but cuddle with us in bed...yes. but of course i could not help but run and get the camera.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh Meagan, he is so beautiful. You look just great, too! I can't believe he's 2 weeks already - seemed like yesterday we were all speculating on when he'd make his appearance. Your sister is SO talented!

That's great that you & Drew got some time away - I'm sure your parents were very willing to come & watch little Dillon. It's so great living close to parents/family, isn't it?

Keep posting photos! So nice to keep up on what's going on in your world!!!

administration said...

Dillon is so adorable! Drew looks like a tired daddy. I love the naked one on the top left, and the little blue hat....oh heck, they're all so cute! Can't wait to see you guys...I haven't even held him yet : (


administration said...

And, you look wonderful! Motherhood suits you!


Breanne Crawford said...

he is just so so so cute!! so glad you have had such a great 2 weeks becoming a mother!! what a lucky son you have!

Kelli said...

Meagan, he is just adorable and I think that your "pathetic" attempt at taking pictures is actually quite good. These pics are great!!! They definitely grow up fast and I don't know how Mariah went from being that tiny to becoming a little girl who is walking around the house carrying her purses. It is so crazy how quickly they grow up. I know everyone says that, but it is true!!!

the ritchie's said...

Meg, You are definitely a natural. You look very rested and See you went to the polar plunge...too bad you didn't get my vm in time to use the tent and free drinks. Would love to swing by and visit you. I haven't even got to hold Dillon yet and I'm so excited too. Anytime after 2:30 I can stop by.

Vee said...

Megan, Dillon is gorgeous!! I miss those days, enjoy them because they grow so fast!!! CONGRATS mama!! :)

Danielle said...

Your little Dillon is so GORGEOUS!!!! I love the photos :)

mandy said...

this is the greatest pictures. So REAl life. I love it!


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