a bit delayed!
dillon got 2 valentines shirts. one from the engers and one from his great aunt and uncle radebaugh. he looked so darn cute in them!
be back later--we are off to going postal to send some stuff! gotta get out now while he is sleeping---he sleeps so well in his car seat!


mandy said...

he looks different already! He is so adorable ... love these photos.

Breanne Crawford said...

seriously seriously cute.

Shawna and Chuck said...

Stopped by to catch a glimpse of your newest addition. He's adorable... congratulations to the both of you!

Shawna & Chuck Gregerson

amber b said...

isn't it just CRAZY how fast time flies by??? Dillon is SOOOO adorable, again can't wait for him & Mason to meet. I can't believe how much alike they look! Especially Dillon's top picture. And wow are you just a WONDER mom! Loved your scrap project you made of him!


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