all of us girls with the kids out @ the curling club! this is our second annual tailgating b/f curling! the guys plan it all out and bring food and drinks and they cook over a big barrel outside! i know it sounds kind of corny or pathetic but fun! this year most of us were inside with the kids but we all had a great time! and the temp was above zero so that helped too.
from L-R
peyton, hattie, audrey and dillon
Dillon is doing to have a lot of girlfriends some day! lucky kid!!!
dillon and i out @ the curling club!! watching daddy curl

dillon, audrey and mason

audrey is 5 weeks and the boys share a bithday---and are three weeks old. we had a playdate--or a mommy playdate to be exact. it was fun to get out of the house.

last night drew got his first official night w/dillon. the girls and i all met @ Speak Easy for apps and dirnks and then headed over to the movie "he's just not into you". such a good movie! i think we all enjoyed it! i am so lucky to have such great girlfriends here in DL!!! dad and dillon had a great night!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those pics are so darn cute - Dillon is so adorable! he is def going to have so many ladies chasing after him when he gets older! :)

Good for you for getting out for a girls night. I went to HJNTIY the weekend it came out & really liked it, too!

Stay warm this weekend!

Breanne Crawford said...

look at you getting out already! good for you!!! love that dillon has so many girlfriends!! lucky, lucky guy!! he is just so cute, meg!


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