today (or 40 some days ago)

old old old post that never got posted... better get cathcing up.

i am taking a break from sewing.
sitting in front of the fireplace.
catching up on old gossip girls!
relaxing!!! loving this couple of minutes of nothing and quietness.
  • sick kids
  • remodel craziness! but i think all i have left to pick is paint colors! YIPEE. we move out this weekend and then it can all start! i could not be more excited.
  • dillon is fully potty trained. once he decided to start there was no turning back for him or me! it was such an easy transition. thank goodness! i was a bit worried at first. we even took a drive to grand forks (over two hours with a couple of stops) with no accidents! there is nothing like only buying diapers for one again. we have not done that for over 18months!
  • trying to get ready for two pLum shows. so EXCITED!
  • fishing tournament! so much fun.
  • parents visited!
  • disney on ice with addison and megan! a fun filled day and night!

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