today is a good day here!

a day to celebrate DILLON!
we are celebrating 3 big years!!! i can not believe that my baby boy is three today!
we feel so blesses to have him in our lives, watching him grow and helping him learn!

it is truly how amazing three years go by so fast.
what someone so small can learn, how much they can grow and how much you can love them with your whole heart and soul!
he has had a fun filled morning already. friends stopped by to say happy birthday. daddy took him sledding. got presents. cake. birthday pancakes! tonight the ZORBAZ birthday.
and tomorrow MONSTER JAM! he is oh so EXCITED!

i woke up this morning, rolled over and noticed a hot little body next to me....so of course i squeezed him and told him it was finally his birthday! and he look back at me and said
"mommy i just need to kiss you"
oh how something so small can have such a big effect on the start of your day!

three years of memories bunched up in a couple of pictures!!! xoxoxox

we love you so much dlb!
love , mom dad and preslee (baby/sissy)


The Badureks said...

Happy Birthday buddy!! I hope your day was extra special. Love all the pictures. It's amazing how much they change in 3 years. xoxo

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Birthday to your little man. he is too cute for words. And, um, weren't you pregnant with him like last week? Wow, those 3 years flew by!


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