cant not get enough

of this smiley girl.
some days are not always fun around here
there are tantrums, crying, hitting, eating rocks and not listening....
but when you see your children smile or laugh. those things are so EASY to forget.
we all get wrapped up in the small stuff. we all need a reminder of what is important.
this is what it is. right here!

when we found out we were having another baby when d was just about 9 months old we thought "what.. you have got to be kidding me....how will we ever do this....."
and now
we can not imagine anything else.
these two are becoming the best of friends.
they are so fun to watch together (most of the time)

it melts my heart to know that they will have each others backs.
get to play HORSE in the driveway. learn to water ski together. build forts.
go to camps. make each other laugh. push each others buttons.
but always be buddies! oh how i hope that this dream comes true!

had a wonderful weekend.
had a fun party bus with some many friends.
did some realxing. playing in the sand. got the garden all planted.
and just hung out as a family.

have a great week everyone!


Helping All Little Ones said...
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Helping All Little Ones said...

They really are what it is all about! Great post Meg!


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