am i dreaming.....

it is 8:21
and i have showered.
got dressed.
drinking coffee. 2nd cup already
watching the today show! oh how i have missed you TODAY!
on pinterest (if you do not know what this is leave me a comment with your email and i will send you an invite!!! you will be hooked!!!) and blogger!!!
this is complete craziness. who made my children sleep in?

i heard pres @ 6:00 this morning kicking and laughing but did not get up and later when i got up i saw her door was open. so obviously asia went in for a little playdate this morning.
but pj went back to sleep. thank goodness or asia would have been in trouble!

drew is gone in SEATTLE for work! we miss him when he is gone. but i think we send him enough videos and pictures that he may feel like he is home!
proud of him that he was invited to this meeting!!! he makes us proud!

sunday night b.f he left he told d that he was going in an airplane and dillon said
"up in the air?' and drew said yes and then "like a bird?" (as he was flapping his wings!!!) so cute. i just love how one day they decide to talk talk talk about everything... there is not stopping what they say and what they know. makes me laugh, smile, shake my head and sometimes makes me cry and sometimes makes me nervous what he will repeat!
this week could not have been better so far. monday we did some play time @ home. rainy and yuckie...
tuesday gramma b took both kids for the day!??!! YIPEEE . thank you thank you thank you! so you ask what did i do?!?!?! hhmmmm... not really sure.
i ran errands for hours. my list was not long but i was still gone for hours!
make some pLum headbands for fun. and relaxed!!!! it was great!

this past weekend we headed to gardner sat. sat night we were in harwood @ drews cousins med school grad party! congrats shannon we are so very proud of you!!! sunday we hung out @ the farm. dillon was in heaven. tractors.
and a big surprise. a new GATOR from g&g. he was so excited. cautious is his middle name so he is taking it slow. but loving that he can load and dump. so fun.
sunday it was another HS graduation. congrats LAUREN. to bad you are going to NDSU and not UND!! :) j.k
pres got a pedicure. worked perfectly when gramma can hold her and i can paint.
dill found a new love. the drums. grandpa had his in their basement @ the farm. dillon loved them. but no that does not mean we ever want them here!!! :) well maybe if he is better!
i got him a new guitar this week. and it had came everywhere with us. he loves it!
american idol 2028 watch out!!!!!!

and my dream had ended.... i hear a little boy yelling i wake up!!!!!

well i am back and everyone is in bed.
my day started out so dreamy.... it was not like that for long.
we got up and all was looking good.
then the first tantrum b.c d wanted juice not milk. i would not give in.
then a throw myself on the floor tantrum when i would not let him have waffles.
i was making pancakes today and that was that.
i thought all would get better when we went to the park.
but he got mad when his best little buddy B wanted to play with his bubbles
so instead of sharing he dumped them all out. then was mad that they were gone.
then proceeded to throw then @ b's head!!! sorry B. he loves you i swear!
then they made up and decided to sit in the car and watch the
JOHN DEERE TRACTOR movie the rest of the time @ the park.
that made for a relaxing time for Heidi and i. so i am not complaining.

i got over being mad @ a little stinker in my house after....

1. he said "YEAH MEATBALLS" and started clapping when i told him i made meatballs!
he for sure has never clapped when i have cooked b.f. (trust me no one has)
there was no clapping after he was done eating.... he did eat 5 of them. if you asked he was say 4.7. which is a lie. that is what he says to everything!!!
(they still do not hold a candle to my mom's but i am trying)

when he asked me to dance while we were watching american idol.

when i asked him who was his favorite mommy and he said "mommy".
i know i know a loaded question but i just wanted to see what he would say.

and after reading this. click here to read the 7 signs your baby loves you. read this if you ever have doubts!!!!
especially loved 3,4 and 6 below.

3 Your toddler throws wicked tantrums.
Nope, those screaming fits don't mean he's stopped loving you. He wouldn't be so hurt and angry if he didn't trust you so deeply.

4 Your toddler runs to you for comfort when she falls down or feels sad.Kids this age may not truly understand the meaning of "I love you," but their actions speak louder than words

6 Your preschooler wants your approval.
She'll start to be more cooperative around the house, and she'll look for chances to impress. "Look at me!" will become a catchphrase.

last week i got to go to TIM McGRAW in GF with a couple of friends!!! we had so much fun!
so funny when i was in college i was even a bigger fan than i am now.... but so much of a fan that i had pictures on the ceiling of my car and on the dash. yep. drew still talks about that. and above my bed on the ceiling next to AJ from the backstreet boys!!! yikes. seriously how dorky is that?!?!?! this is one of the only pictures i took on my phone that actually was not blurry. my eyes are not open but there we are!!! thanks girls i had so much fun!

we have been playing on the beach alot.
lots of time @ the park with friends.
last friday a friend and i took my two and her little girl garage saleing (no idea how to spell that but you know what i mean). we did not find anything WONDERFUL but we had a fun time!

Real housewives of NJ is one crazy season so far and i have only season the first episode. can not wait to watch the last one tonight. it is kind of sad to watch. i can relate to the drama!!! drama for no reason what so ever!!!!!!! so it will be a good season to watch the train wreck.

miss pj is still not interested in crawling. but you can barely hold her now w.o her trying to go go go.
not sure if crawling is in her future or not but if it is..lets hope it is soon.

excited for drew to get home. he just got on his last flight to fargo!!!

working on a lantern cluster for the play room!!! i love love love pj's and now i think i need one downstairs too! if you know me this is what i do .... i get an idea and can not stop!!!

EXCITED that this weekend we have party bus with friends! 35 of us right now getting on a bus sunday night!!! so excited to spend time with friends and have a fun night out!

sad i missed the last OPRAH. thought @ one point that now that i am home... i would watch everyday. i have not watched in weeks... months.... i can not remember. oh besides a little of the giveaway day.

had not watched american idol all season. but just watched the finale and it was great. the winner is such a little cutie. my kind of country. who knew that voice would come out of that little body!

off to lay on the couch and watch a little tv to relax!!!
good night!

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The Badureks said...

Wow that was a long post. loved every second of it!!! I'll have you know that I had an 8x10 picture of Tim McGraw in a frame right by my bed. hehe


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