she is

growing up way too fast.

24.5" long (56%) 15lbs 2oz (77%)
loves to be tickled. i love love love her little laugh.
so content laying and playing on the floor
has no interest at all in rolling over or moving at all.
sucks on her fingers and hands all day.
loves to watch dillon play.
smiles all day.
sleeps 12 hours @ night! "oh happy day, oh happy day"
has the cutest little roly poly legs.
has a tiny bit of blonde hair.
has the most beautiful big blue eyes.
loves her kick and play.
loves to eat her giraffe.
is so loved by us all.

how the in the world do they change this fast?
in four short months she had changed so much.
over doubled her weight. i just find it so amazing!
i love you more than you know miss pres!

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