baby it's cold outside

so so so very cold!
wish it was warmer and wish i was sleeping. but waiting for my wreath cookies or "swags" as we call them in my family. we do not take the time to make them into beautiful wreaths. they taste just as good as a little swag!
so as i wait i sew and now blog too and a little jay leno.
making the swags for cooking club cookie exchange tomorrow night! i think i have made these for 3 years running now. i do not dare go too far from my comfort zone b.c i do not want to screw something up and have to make them anyway! and these are pretty hard to screw up!

what we have been up to @ the barkers
trying to get play time outside. i have been getting quite a work out in the afternoon when preslee sleeps. we go out and dillon wants to slide down our hill in the yard which is fun but then i have to pull him up. i am running out of ideas of how to trick him in to coming back in the house! he is gong to catch on soon that "riri" (the dog) is never in the house.

my parents were here this weekend. dad and i had booths @ the holiday boutique here in town. mom even stayed all day with us! we all had a great time! can not wait for the spring show.

sat night drew and i went to a house warming.birthday party @ a friends!
play dates with friends.
SIOUX hockey game. ((a night with just drew and i and we got to see our good friends too))
saw santa. was supposed to go again tonight to see him come through town on the train. but i forgot. we were out running errands and came home. oops!
girls night! so many fun nights out with my girlfriend! those nights are so fun. thanks girls!

working on a new hair style! :) trying to recreate drew's awesome hair from his first grade picture. just missing the cool chains!

the best christmas present you can give this year is a present to someone in need. and let me tell you it is the best feeling buying things for people who you know will care and be so happy about what they are opening. christmas has gotten so much about how much and what more can we get and who gets the best gifts. we need to remember and remind ourselves of all that we have and give to others! it really is the best feeling!

pres thought santa was cute and liked sitting on mrs. claus's lap.
dillon not so much. the first try it was cling on to mom's neck
and this second try i talked him into mrs claus's lap. he is still not so sure but wanted the cookie so he tried. did not last long!

well my "swags" should be set now so i can move and bag! :)
then off to bed!


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