catching up....

catching up. it is kind of what i feel like i am always doing now. calling people back, reading emails, keeping up with my fav blogs, watching my shows, laundry---they all come in a far off second to these two little adorable munchkins.
i still feel like i have no idea what i am doing half of the time. but we are doing well. better than well most of the time. EXCEPT the terrible two's may have started. yes there were many tantrums thrown in our house today and they were not all by DILLON. we may have thrown some ourselves.
drew went golfing this morning-super windy. but they had a great time.
the kids and i went to the flea market. oh i love that place! did not find too many great finds--but we had a fun time.
Preslee is sleeping so well @ night this weekend i am not really sure what to do with myself. last night i fed her @ 9:30 and she got up @ 2:30 and then up again @ 7:00. seriously???? this can not be my child. dillon did not sleep this well for months! i am sure hope she did not just spoil me for the weekend.
she has been a pretty easy addition to our family! dillon loves her (thank goodness) and of course we do too. but boy how i did not know how different it was with number #2 than it is with the first. you just do not get the time that you once had to cuddle for hours and do nothing but tell the useless stories all day and watch bad tv together!!!

gotta go. have a date with drew and one of our fav. tv shows. and i am kinda of scared to admit it but "the kardashains" we love love love it!


the ritchie's said...

Great pictures Meg. Love the top one of the 3 of you....so cute.

Emily said...

what a doll!

Cherry Blossoms said...

What a bunch of cuties! I Love how Dillon is such a sweet big brother!

Emily said...

p.s. i love the kardashians...such trash! enjoyable trash

teacherwoman said...

What a couple cute babies! Love the pictures!

I love the Kardashians by the way.


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