what to do what to do....

dillon is on his second nap of the day and has been sleeping for 3.5 hours this round..... what do i do with this time... well i wish i was better with time management b/c i know i could have gotten alot done!! instead i did a little flower making! but made a cute little accessory! went on facebook--what a waste of time! showered--much needed! and i read for a little bit too and picked green beans in the garden!! but boy oh boy could i be getting more done! but here i am sitting writing about it! oops! oh well!

have a couple of photos to post---much more to come. but mandy took some great photos of all of the kids @ the lake this past week! dillon and i took a day and spent it @ the cabin in the family! windy but we had so much fun in the back yard away from the lake with water fights and playing!!

eating like a big boy!

nana, chase and dillon right after getting in the middle of the water fight! i could not help but get a picture of this........

all of the kids watching baby einstein!
mandy got some great pics of mr dillon outside!! i love love love this one!!
be back later!


BetsE said...

LOVE the picture of nana with her baby boys! SOOOOO funny!

Jana said...


i was just going through some old posts and saw a sweet comment you left about my paintings... it's a couple months late, but thank you!

ps. your photos are darling :)

Kathy said...

I love the new pictures in your blog banner at the top. Your sister must have taken those photos of the three of you. They are really good.

Shelley said...

I LOVE the water fight shot!! You should send that in for Parade's photo contest!

Vee said...

your little guy is just the cutest!!! :)


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