the August Jack is up!

click HERE to see the august jack. we all love this page by mandi!

here is my take! go to scrapjacked to see the jack and the other layouts inspired by her.

on my way to help my sister photograph a wedding out on a farm! so excited to help. hope to rain stops and it turns into a beautiful day!!!

tomorrow we have dillons babtism here in town--then the family is all coming overfor hopefully a sunny afternoon on the beach, in the boat or lets just hope for outside if it is not raining.

gotta get going. xoxoxo


BetsE said...

I just have to say you look JUST like mandy in the last picture. I thought it was her at first. He is so cute and getting so big.

the ritchie's said...

Fun pictures Meg. Love Dillon's dark hair and it's really filling in. Oh and super cute new top layout!!
Hope we can see you soon.

bethchien said...

I love your page, girlie! Hope you are having a great week!


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