more exciting news!

I got one of the best emails i have ever received last week! I am getting published in Creating Keepsakes! I was seriously going crazy and my husband and brother in law thought i was crazy!!!! but this is so exciting and I can not wait to see how it looks in print! So if you are not a subscriber (which you should be) don't forget to buy the November issue of Creating Keepsakes!


Breanne Crawford said...

woot! congrats!

amber b said...

AAAA!!! very exciting! I cant believe that they told you already but you wont be published until NOVEMBER! I am so happy for you! Wahoo!!!

pakosta said...

congrats to YOU!!!!!!!i was published in there for the first time this past july after trying for 4 years!!!!!!!! so i totally 100% get your excitement!

Amy said...

congrats on the pub.. and the baby!!! stellar.


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