I am back!

wow it seems like forever since i have been on!
was in new orleans all last week for work and drew was gone the week before in Seattle---we have been so busy and i think now are home for most of the summer w/o many crazy plans!
so excited to get some boat time-sun time and some much needed relaxing time!
this past weekend drew was gone all weekend fishing with his buddies! they had a great time traveling to local lakes and actually catching some fish! gets to be a long weekend if you do not catch anything! i spent the weekend with my family celebrating my brothers 30th---@ a party in casselton! we all had a great time--he the best time i think.........i am still laughing!
we also had a bridal shower for my cousin and some fun time playing with my nieces and nephews and my whole family @ my brothers---the kids were having so much fun together! love that time we can all have together! looking forward to a week @ home and a wedding this weekend!

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