i love fridays! today especially b/c i am still @ home in my pj's-- not trying to be lazy but i have a conference call and i am waiting to leave until after!! so yes i will work!

we are staying home again this weekend-then for the next months it feels like we will be constantly gone.... i have scrap camp, a weekend @ the birdwells. drew has 2 weekends of fishing one in brainerd and one in lake of the woods!! so we need to stay home and relax!

i think tonite we are going to go to JUNO-- i can not wait to see it! some of our friends said it was great-- and even sam the husbnad said it was good so i think that made drew feel better about going!
stay warm all! wind chill advisory today!! yikes i think i would rather lay by the fireplace all day!

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Kendra said...

Hi! I drew your name for the KI package on my blog. : ) I haven't heard from you so I don't know if you missed that you won or if I just didn't get your email. I need your address so email me at kendramccracken@yahoo.com!


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