cold cold cold

i was so hoping wishing and praying for a minnesota vacation day! (ie-a day where it is so cold, windy and snowing so hard we do not leave home-this only happens in the midwest)
it was -44 degrees below today with the wind chill.... now with that temp we all should stay inside--but we do not get that vacation day--- WE ARE CRAZY!!!!
well even though i know my minnesota vacation day will not come now tomorrow--i can still pray for some of that snow to come our way! i would love to lay on the couch most of the day watch lifetime movies which always end the same way (but i still love them) and i always sit in suspense!

had a great weekend @ the birdwells! got to watch this kids (got to be mimi)-work on our spoiled rotten line book-help mandy with a photo shoot-cosco shopping-passed my first song on guitar hero-beat my brother in law in wii bowling (he takes it so seriously) i love beating him! but a highlight of the trip was a having a 7 hour lunchwhich then turned into dinner too with my sister! who could of thought you can sit down for lunch and not leave until they close! there are not many people i could sit with all day (@ a bistro) and have nothing to talk about for the first 10 minutes b/c we are both so tired and hungry and then end up staying all day!! we had so much fun though! she is truly my best friend--i could not ask for a better sister and friend! love her! thanks mandy!

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