happy fall.

welcome fall.  bring on the colorful leaves and boots!

this summer we have.

IOWA nascar.  rained out. watercarnival in DL. fishing on the dock. dillon is a master with the net.
so much swimming. swimmers itch from DL.  lots of time at the cabin on RUSH. lots of fun time with family.  playing with friends at the park.  teeball.  playdates.   girls weekends. lots of skiing.  back went out.  pLum keeps me busy.  WEFEST.  golfing. family wedding.  family camping adventure. PJ's 3rd bday. turtle races and PJ winning it all. dillon passed level 1 swimming lessons.  kids sleeping in.  bike rides.  dillon can ride a 16" now.  preslee still does not want to ride her barbie bike with training wheels.  Dunton locks.  3 days at the fair. library. loving our new playhouse that papa built.  wish it could stay clean!  (but that is what playing is all about) PRESLEE jae turned 3.  my garden.  trying to keep it alive.  even got drip irrigation courtesy of nana and papa.  <3 nbsp="" p="">

and now it is back to school. 
summer went by way to fast.  but i am ready for jeans and long sleeves.
cozy night with the fireplace on. fall trips. playing in the leaves. bike rides.

this made me so happy today.
i am NOT supermom and never will be.  but what i do know if i have fun with my kids.  and yes of course there are times or days when i wish at the end of the day that i was better.  but don't we all?   or i wish i would have planning that pinterest worthy party for PJ-but instead had two great family parties and called it good.  in the end it does not matter.  what matters is who we are with and how much we love them and the FUN that was had.  so do not waste your days wishing you were better, cleaner, skinnier, had better hair or packed better snacks for school.  BE YOU!  be HAPPY. and teach your kids that they are good enough just as they are!

this next part i wish i could say i wrote. but i did not.
if you would like to read the whole thing find it HERE 
Look, I know the areas in life where I excel.  It unfortunately doesn’t involve me being a size two and wearing the most. stylish. boots. you ever did see.  I will not be doing a triathlon, I’ll be the one over there handing out water and cheering you on while eating a muffin.  My house isn’t ever company ready.  Just move that pile of Legos, I will make dinner.  I can make you laugh, I can make you think.  I am a great friend.  I am amazing in bed.  I like the woman that I have become.  I can also throw a party like you wouldn’t believe. 
My name is Michelle and I throw “Pinterest worthy” parties for my children.
I don’t think this makes me a shitty mom, a superior mom, or that I have too much time on my hands.  I assure you, I do not. 
I also don’t think it makes you a shitty mom for NOT throwing parties like that for your children’s birthdays, having a spotless house, and working full time.  I hope you’ll afford me the same kindness when I am braless in the drop off lane at school wearing pajamas and you look like you’ve had twelve hours of sleep, a blowout, and your makeup done before 9 am on a rainy Tuesday. 

No really… my hair isn’t this big usually, the rain… dear God, the rain.>
 click the link to read the rest. it is worth your time!  :)

my baby is growing up way to fast.
loves animals.
loves to wear dresses and flip flops.
love mac & cheese.
loves DORA and curious george.
loves pink and purple.
has amazing blue eyes.
loves playing mommy
is so dang silly. (can always make me laugh)
is so stubborn.  (where does that come from  :) )
could sing all day long as long as someone will listen.
has the cutest dimple.
loves horses.  (got bucked off on her birthday)
has slightly curly blonde hair (the strawberry is vanishing)



BE HAPPY.  live your life to the fullest.


Michelle said...

Hi Meg,
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post. Can you please amend this to publish an excerpt of it and not the full text? Thanks!

PS You have an absolutely gorgeous family!

Michelle said...

Thank you Meg!! :-)


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