is one year old today!

we love you so much SUGAR.
happy happy happy birthday my little PJ!

I can hardly believe it was one year ago today that she entered our lives.
It really is amazing how fast time goes.
She has sure turned into a spitfire lately with such a temper,
she makes us laugh all day, loves to snuggle, has the best little smile and dimple,
she loves her big brother, loves snacking, is loving the lake, LOVES to dance-so fun to
watch her wiggle around when the music comes on.
now that she is crawling she is everywhere all day.
we started out our day with our traditional pan"cake" candle breakfast. it was going well until i lit the candle and then and pres wanted to grab the fire. so the tantrum started when i blew it out and she proceeded to throw each pancake @ dillon.
so it did not go exactly as planned but next year.....there is always next year and the year after.
then off to t-ball and the park. daddy even came too to watch. home to eat lunch and nap time now. this afternoon it is beach time then Zorbaz for dinner and then off to the BECKER county fair!



Cherry Blossoms said...

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Preslee!! You are so precious and may the next year be a fun year!

Billie said...

Happy Birthday, Pres! I have a present for next time I see you. Tomorrow, maybe? :-)


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