its beginning to look alot like christmas....

ok so not really.... but i am maybe a little ready to see the white stuff outside. might get a bit more in the mood. but then again wearing my flip flops most days still is so nice!
we are on the mend here @ the barkers.
drew is back to feeling good.
dillon too. and super hard to keep up with these days.
pres is now on antibiotics. treating her for bronchitis.
me. getting better. monday was the worst day. but got throught it somehow.
got the kids both to camp out in the basement and even watched a whole movie with popcorn in the middle of the afternoon!!! it was a great day!
drew is out @ curling. ((not curling yet but "meetings"))
dillon spent some time @ gramma and grandpa's this afternoon and tonight. after i picked him up it was right to bed and pres and i got some time to hang out just us girls!!!
it is amazing how little of that time we actually get. she is so darn cute and loves to smile and laugh ((just a little giggle)) and listen and talk back too! love these times!

only one more week of gymnastics left. kind of sad. kind of happy. so we might not have a olympic medalist on our hands. but then again i have been wrong b.f
this week drew came with us this week. dillon was a little saint and showed off. a lot less work with him around. w. me being sick it was a perfect day for him to come!

daddy with the kids last weekend! cartoons in the am!
and dillon in his favorite spot. he would take a bath twice a day if we let him! he loves it.

dillons new toy! seriously. why buy toys when you have these!!!
((if you are a mom you know what these are))

pres's daily routine. sleep, play, eat, sleep, play, eat..... she has got the life.

play time. GO SIOUX.
dillon taking snack time to the bathroom. not sure why he needed to do it all @ once?
and dillon giving miss pres a head massage. what a big brother. he will for sure make her pay him back someday!

love this magnet board that my dad made me that hangs in my hallway.
i love all of the pictures that i can see daily!
i know randomness.
more to come.

hate the new toyota commercials. disappointed i should say. not hate. with bullying being a big topic today. and they go and talk about being "lame mom" if you do not drive a sienna. really?!?!? i think that it is ridiculous that this got through the marketing team!!?!?
more to come.

ok. off to bed for this girl.


Angel said...

Meg, I love your pictures they are so cute! The pump one is awesome! My boys did the exact same thing! except they would put it up to there mouth and blow in it!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Your kids are so dang cute and I love how you had an afternoon movie day!
In this case I am glad to be a "lame mom" each to their own but no way will I drive a mini van. I can hardly handle driving a sedan more less a mini bus with the driving skills I have! lol


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