still here.....

still here.  ((@ the hospital that is))

wishing ((oh so wishing)) i was home with both of my babies and drew starting our new life.  but instead our baby pres still has a high bili number so we are stuck here until she can either get it down or stabilize.  
we were thinking we would go home thursday night ((wishful thinking of a 36 hour discharge)) and now it is saturday afternoon and here i am.  drew had brought all of our stuff home yesterday.  so last night since i was discharged we went home.  got our stuff and went out to eat with a bunch of drews family.  ((some of his family from CA is here @ their cabin))  then back here to be with Preslee.  again this morning we were wishful thinking and thinking we were going to go home.  
bad news again.
but enough whining.
i am happy to be here to feed her and get to hold her for a few minutes.  see her smile. see her dimples.  that crazy tongue of hers.  and just get some kisses in too.
drew is on his way to pick up Dillon from nana and papa's cabin.  he has been there with them, his cousins and ana since wednesday night.  
i am so ready to see him.  
oh how i miss him!

her room is move in ready.
still the finishing touches need to be done.  nothing on the walls as of yet-but hopefully soon

thanks so much to all of our great family and friends who came by to meet Preslee, called to wish us well, or sent cards/presents. we appreciate it a ton!  
we love you all and we can not wait to have her meet you all.

starting a movie.
going to maybe get a nap!


Breanne Crawford said...

her room is just beautiful and here's hoping the bilirubin numbers go down soon! i know it must be hard to be separated from that beautiful little girl!

Emily said...

love her room...the dress form is perfect!


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