3rd game tonight for the Gopher/Sioux.  and now its 1-1.
dillon is in bed, drew is @ ZORBAZ watching the game and i am watching the game, knocked up and desperate housewives, sewing, blogging and picking up the house a little and doing 
some online shopping.  
I am OH so EXCITED to get my new pouch in the mail.  Are they not so cute....  :) i am in love with ruffles right now and i love anything that is not too matchy matchy.  
Oh i hope it gets here soon.  they also have great computer bags which might have to be my next purchase!  it is fun to have something a little different that you do not see anyone else with!!!

dillon is such a great walker now.  waling everywhere and this weekend everywhere with his pacifier in his mouth and his blanket in his hand.  that is a bit difficult still.  gets in the way a bit!
he woke up today with a swollen eye.  not pink eye, no itching....so we are really not sure.  maybe just a little cold.  who knows.  we will see how it is tomorrow.
dillon stayed over night w.his grandma and grandpa barker on friday night.  he had a great time.  they loved it b/c he is especially cuddly right now.... so saturday we were going to sleep in but @ 7am we were up cleaning the kitchen, picking up and finding stuff to do.  i am not used to not having him around in the mornings...i am not sure what to do with myself!  oh how i miss him when he is gone.  saturday we had some friends over to watch the game.
speaking of the game it is now 2-1 UND!!  go sioux sioux!
today we had a great lunch @ drews parents cabin with them and his sister and boyfriend.  great food and birthday cake for me!  that made my day!  chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting!!  oh how yummie.  i did not want to take any leftovers home b.c i know what would happen to them....well 1 down and 3 to go.  
ok i better get flower making.  
have a big wholesale order and some etsy orders to get done!!!  to work i go.


Emily said...

happy {late} birthday! feel free to send some cake my way :)

cute bag, by the way

amber b said...

happy bday again! I loved those clutches so much that i went and bought a pink/black&white checkbook cover... can't wait to get it!!!


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