love the new addition

want to know your decorating style....go try THIS quiz.
this what my results were.
44% Cottage Chic
33% Contemporary
23% Zen Style
i think this is very on. i love the simple and clean look. :)
here is Dillons new play table he got from nana and papa. papa made it! he loves it!! i painted it yesterdy and drew brought it down in the playroom last night! :) i love how it turned out. now we just need our shelves and some fun patterns on the wall!
i just love the chalk boards on the front of the drawers. so cute! your awesome dad!

dillon and i went to our first parent child class today @ the ecfe. we had a good time---playdough, snow, painting and other crafts.... we now have our first art project on the fridge. he didnt do much but eat the paper but....it turned out.
i have been working on soldering.....so not as easy as it looks!! shoot..thought this project was going to be so easy. my dad and brother worked on this weekend and had some trouble too...oh well practice makes perfect..right
girls weekend is this weekend.....and of course a snow storm in on the way.
leave on thursday. i am so EXCITED!
going to go get something done....not sure what.


Cherry Blossoms said...

Love the table! That quiz and site is awesome. I also scored the highest and actually tied for cottage chic and nantucket style as my top two styles.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My was traditional country, cottage chic, and wine country. They actually looked pretty accurate for me. I'll be doing a blog post on this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing the quiz!

Emily said...

what an awesome table....your dad is so talented!

amber b said...

LOVE the table! you are so lucky your dad is so talented to make stuff like that! how much does he charge? :) I tried taking the quiz like 4 different times because I would go back and change my mind if I "loved" or "liked" something-- so at the end everytime I got something different!

Vee said...

what an awesome table, love it!!


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