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turned the TV on and then went to my TIVO to push play for GOSSIP GIRL and it was not there.. so i immediately thought drew taped to many nascar things and got mad! oh no....... not the case--JUST A RERUN!! so i now have time to blog! :) oops sorry drew!
look at this adorable pincushion my girlfriend megan made for me!! not only made it but in minutes... and out of great fabrics from amy butler!! she has been on a huge sewing kick! and getting the most beautiful projects done!!! she is so sweet! thanks megan i love it!!!! it has gone to good use!

took this of drews dad greg when they were out in the field last week! look this picture... not perfect by any means---but love it anyway!

found this picture as i was uploading to my computer!! this was taken about 6 or 7 weeks ago when i thought my belly was getting so big! it is so funny to look now and compare to what i now look like! not like that @ all!!!
but i love my growing belly!
this is of a new fabric for SPOILED ROTTEN!
i love the greys and yellow together! this will make a perfect set for us and baby barker!


Mal said...

Gossip Girl is amazing and I am a little desperate without a new episode this week. Thankfully, Bones is on tonight!
I want Blair to be the biz of New York not Serena!! But that could just be me.

Those fabrics are so cute!

miche said...

Hi Megan. I still haven't had time to shout out "CONGRATS" to you. I am so pumped for you two... and all the barkers for that matter.
Soak it up... before you know it, your pregnancy will be over :)

I have to ask: do you like selling on the internet? I'm trying to find my niche to start an online business that can be a full time job in 5 years.

Do you spend much time selling burp cloths, or is it super easy?


Vee said...

love the new fabric and GG was so good last night, did you watch?!!!! :)


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