we are out

we are heading to the florida keys in T minus 20.5 hours
i am so excited to lay on the beach, play in the sand, hang out with my husband, eat good, sleep in, see miami, drive through the keys, >RELAX<, boat cruising, golfing, no email, take pictures and hopefully come home to the ice off our lake!!! it is coming off right now and hopefully the lift can be in by nexy week....... and soon we will be out there and there will be no need for florida!
this sounds kind of dorky but i love getting in a rental car and being so free and be on our own time. :)
well i better get to work and get on my conference call. I NEED VACATION!

live everyday to the fullest! i think my husband and i and his family learned this weekend that you never know what life is going to bring! live each day brightly, happily and to the fullest as best you can. never take those you love for granted! my thoughts are with the whole family and nothing but love is sent there way! i love you all. please keep my husbands whole family in your prayers!

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